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Auto Repair

Auto Parts And Services

A dedicated certified staff with over 75 years
of automotive experience

› Battery Check
› Courtesy Inspection
› Tire Check
› Check Engine Light
› Battery Re-charge
› Road Test
› Code Retrieval

› AC Service
› Oil Change
› Tire Rotation
› Air Filtration
› Inspections & Emmisions
› Pre Purchase Inspection

› Brake
› Tune-Ups
› Power Steering
› Exhaust & Mufflers
› Fuel Systems
› Electrical Systems
› Spark Plugs

› Drive Train
› Engine Overhead
› Transmissions
› Suspension Systems
› Emmision Repairs
› Broken Timing Belt
› Worn Clutch


Automasters Mission Statement

Our primary goal is provide solutions for our customer automotive needs whether it be parts and accessories or service.
We operate our business with integrity and honesty. We promise to provide customer satisfaction at a fair price.

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